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Atopic Dermatitis/Eczema

Thank you for reading the letter you have recently received from your GP surgery.  They have written to you as they believe you maybe interested in our atopic dermatitis study for people who suffer with moderate to severe atopic dermatitis, also know as eczema.

These studies are important as they aim to identify new and better ways to treat people who suffer with this condition.

The principal benefits of being involved in these research studies include:· 

  • If the study is effective, it could help in getting the drug licensed and it would benefit many more people in the future     
  • Social benefits – support, encouragement,intervention and reassurance that your health is being closely monitored.    Being part of the clinical study would complement current care received from your GP
  • Your GP will be kept well informed of your participation in the study 
  • Regular medical and physical examinations including: Blood pressure checks, ECGs, X-rays & MRIs, blood tests      
  • Reimbursements of travel costs to our centres.
  • Medications at no cost.

For more information please complete the form. and a member of our patient support team will call you to discuss in more detail.

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