Heart failure does not mean that your heart has failed. It means that your heart is not pumping blood around your body very efficiently. Cardiovascular disease affects millions of people. 

That is why Medinova – a Quality Research Site  committed to helping find relief for people suffering from all kinds of conditions – is currently conducting a clinical trial evaluating a medication that may help to increase the heart’s ability to pump blood.  Help future generations with new treatments by contributing to medical research. 

Possible Benefits

  • Play an active role in your healthcare. 
  • Regular monitoring at trial visits, including blood pressure, pulse rate, ECG, blood and urine tests, height and weight, etc. 
  • The results of any additional investigations that maybe undertaken, such as echocardiograms, will also be forwarded to us your GP. 

Please note: You may or may not benefit medically from taking part and you are able to opt at out anytime and do not have to give us a reason for doing so. Trial participation will be in collaboration with your GP. 

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