Your Health, Your Choices

Become a more informed patient and take charge of your health.

Research shows that people who take a more active role in their health decisions and treatments will live healthier lives.

There are continuous new developments and advances in the field of medicine. We aim to bring you the latest news and information as they are happening.

Get the latest news about clinical trials, treatments, ongoing research, and discoveries in the treatment of Diabetes, COPD, Eczema, Migraine and Asthma.

Our aim is to help you learn more about specific conditions, their treatments and any future medical treatments and research, which in turn will assist you in making informed decisions needed for your health.

Our patients are invited to share their experience and feedback, this is what they have to say:

"A good experience."

"From the moment you walk in all the team make you feel at ease, with friendly staff.  You feel at ease from start to finish of your appointment."

"I have been coming here for over a year and the whole experience has been very good and if asked to take part in further research, I would not hesitate". 

"Staff were amazing and very helpful and courteous."

"The whole experience has been a joy and the personnel are all so professional.  I hope I can get on another study."

“I have been very impressed by the friendliness of all the staff and also so helpful and caring.”

“The whole experience has been worthwhile and productive.  Every member of staff is professional and friendly and approachable.”

“I am very happy that I was invited to take part in the trial.”

“I feel disappointed that my study has come to an end.  The staff and team were excellent in their approach to me at all times.  Well done!”

"The nurses and doctors were great and the receptionist so helpful.  I would be willing to come back anytime."

" All staff provided excellent service."

"Everyone was very helpful, professional and caring.  It was a positive experience. Reassured to a get a regular MOT.  Reception staff lovely.  I will miss coming here when the trial ends.  An interesting experience and would recommend it.  Happy to be considered for other trials."

 "I cannot speak highly enough of all the staff at MeDiNova, they have shown me nothing but kindness and respect, very nice all of them."

 "Your patient service manager is amazing, she is very professional and a brilliant ambassador for your company!"


"From January 2017 till June 2018 I have received the utmost respect and treatment from all the staff at MeDiNova.  I cannot fault them at all, a fantastic team.  Thank You"

 “This is the first time I have ever taken part in a trial.  The staff were all friendly and showed great professionalism.  10 out of 10 for each of them.”

“Fully supported throughout, questions fully answered and great ‘phone support out of hours, would have no problems recommending to friends.”

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