International Men's Day

International Men’s Day 2023

International Men's Day (IMD), celebrated every 19th of November, is a global observance that aims to address men's issues, highlight their contributions to society, and promote positive male role models. As a clinical research organisation, we believe it is vital to highlight the importance of IMD and what it means for the broader context of men's health.

IMD is not just a day for celebration but also for introspection. It seeks to address the unique challenges men face, ranging from mental health struggles, societal pressures, male stereotypes, and the often-overlooked health disparities in men. Celebrating IMD reminds us to work together towards fostering a society that appreciates and understands the complex roles that men play.

Men's health, unfortunately, often takes a backseat in discussions about global health issues. Statistically, men are less likely than women to seek medical attention or discuss their health concerns, leading to late-stage diagnoses and increased morbidity in several conditions. Collaborative efforts between researchers, healthcare professionals, policymakers, and the community can amplify the impact of clinical trials and studies. 

As we observe International Men's Day, let's reflect on our collective role in enhancing the well-being of men worldwide. By prioritizing clinical research and public discourse, we can foster a holistic approach that recognises and addresses the unique challenges faced by men.

International Men's Day serves as a reminder of the strides we need to take in understanding and promoting men's health. At Accellacare, we are committed to paving the way for advancements, ensuring that every man has access to the best possible care and understanding he deserves.