15 things only women who are going through menopause will relate to

15 things only women who are going through menopause will relate to

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1) You notice an extra bulge on your body that wasn’t there the day before! 

2) When you have a hot flush, you start looking for tickets to anywhere in Antarctica

3) Your playlist now includes ‘Ice Ice Baby’ by Vanilla Ice and ‘Girl on Fire’ by Alicia Keys 

4) You now sympathise with the Wicked Witch of the West – you realise that she wasn’t melting, she was having a hot flush! 

5) You can’t hear anything over the phone unless you have your glasses on. 

6) You have a dedicated section in your wardrobe for your Spanx 

7) You can sleep for 10 hours straight, but once you wake up, you’re still tired

8) You’re scared of sneezing in public because you know you’ll wee a little. 

9) As soon as you’ve gone to the toilet, you need to go again … 

10) When you visit your GP and you’re told that you’ve gained some weight 

11) You have a secret spot in your house where you hide sugary treats for your cravings … and then you wonder why you added on a couple of pounds… 

12) When you’re waving good-bye and you notice your bingo wings waving with you! 

13) You wonder, if heat makes things expand, you don’t have a weight problem, you’re just hot!

14) When you asked for a smoking hot body, you weren’t talking about menopause!

15) You’re not sure if you’re free or if you’re forgetting something.

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