How clinical trials will help us find a vaccine for Coronavirus

How clinical trials will help us find a vaccine for Coronavirus.  


The coronavirus outbreak has been declared a pandemic by The World Health Organisation. The global case toll is rising fast and social media is bombarding us all with videos of people panic buying and fighting over toiletries. Countries all over the world have taken drastic precautions to control the spreading of this disease from closing borders to closing schools.

Amongst all this fear, world leaders, officials and academics have now made it a top priority to find a vaccine that will cure this virus. According to a recent article in the Guardian, there have been four vaccines tested on animals and the first clinical trials on humans will begin this April.

It is thanks to previous clinical trials on other flu like viruses, that scientists had an idea of how this virus worked and had a ‘prototype’ already in place. This has allowed researchers to get a head start on finding a vaccine.

Other recent epidemics including SARs and MERs were both respiratory syndromes. The clinical research previously done on these viruses have also helped as they have been able to repurpose the vaccines created for them.

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