Opioid Induced Constipation

A different type of constipation!

Constipation is seen as the most debilitating and distressing side effect by patients who take opioids to relieve chronic pain.

We’re offering anyone who’s 18 years or older and is suffering from constipation due to taking pain relief medication for chronic pain the chance to be part of a new research study which may improve your opioid induced constipation and therefore lead to an improved quality of life.

The main treatment in this study naloxone has been used for decades. Additionally, combination products (naloxone in addition to an opioid e.g. Targin®) aiming to prevent the constipation are already on the market

 Depending on the type and dose of your regularly prescribed opioid you may qualify for participating in this research study. (Please note that your standard pain medication will not change)

Are You Eligible?


  •  Must be at least 18 years old
  •  Must be able to visit your study doctor at regular intervals
  •  Must have been taking opioid pain medication for at least 3 months
  •  Must have constipation induced by your opioid pain medication intake
  •  Must NOT be participating in another clinical study
  •  May not have cancer within the last 2 years

If eligible, you’ll receive study-related care and medication and be compensated for your time and travel.

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