World Oral Health Day

MeDiNova Research supports World Oral Health Day

Next Tuesday 20 March, is World Oral Health Day 2018.  The day aims to remind people around the globe to think about the health of their mouth and make sure that they practice good oral health care to keep it functionally correctly.

Dr Ronnie Beboso, MeDiNova’s Research Physician based at Mount Vernon Hospital in London said:

“MeDiNova Research are dedicated to working towards a healthier future for all. Supporting campaigns such as this helps highlight the need to practice good oral hygiene and health.

“Many people are not aware that poor oral health and certain oral diseases and noncommunicable diseases are linked.  For instance, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease and some cancers are more common in people who have poor oral health. 

“At MeDiNova Research we welcome any campaign that raises awareness of common risk factors and promotes good oral hygiene habits.  We are pleased to lend our support to World Oral Health Day.”